About Us

Who We Are

ACE Packaging & Crating, Inc. has been serving the needs of New England and beyond since the 1960’s. That’s experience. As a small family owned business, we focus on your needs. The result is a customized economical solution, when you need it. Our specialty is single or short run wood/plywood crates and boxes. We even custom make D/W (double wall – 275#) corrugated boxes.

Many of our customers have been doing business with us for years. Perhaps it’s because they can speak directly to the person building their container. There’s no middle person to misinterpret needs or add to cost. Or perhaps it’s because they can get what they need in a matter of days, sometimes hours, rather than weeks. Or perhaps, like you, they recognize REAL service and value.

Need to export your item? As a PRL certified Wood Packaging Facility meeting the requirements of ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phystosanitary Measures), we can provide you with the proper containers and dunnage for export. Confused about WPM (Wood Packaging Materials) export regulations? Just give us a call. You’ll get a simple explanation. [One word of caution: you cannot make your own export box using HT lumber. It MUST be built by a certified facility, such as ACE, which will stamp the container with it’s uniquely numbered universally recognized IPPC stamp.]

Need extra protection for your item? We can provide necessary shock and vibration protection through the appropriate use of foam and or “Skid Mates”. Monitoring can even be provided during shipment using “Shock Watch” indicators.

Whether your item is high or low value, rugged or fragile, domestic or export, we can custom build the necessary wood, corrugated, or a combination thereof, container for you. For fastest service, call us toll free anytime at 800-975-6642.