ACE Testimonials

Hello Tom, Thank you for the delivery of the crate. We are very pleased with the quality of the work. Your employees were professional and very helpful with the delivery. We will be happy to do business with you again in the future.
Yes -the machine made it without incident. Here is the response I got from the guys in New Jersey this morning. Yes it did --- we got it unloaded with almost no difficulty. It’s sitting in our dock right now and we hope to have it placed and plugged in by the end of the day tomorrow, so will let you know if there are any operational problems. Everything appears to have been secured very well and looks like it’s in perfect condition. Great job on the packing/shipping orchestration.
The crate is here and made it undamaged. Thanks for the excellent service.
Thanks for checking in. The harpsichord definitely got there in the correct number of pieces………I think you made a fantastic crate, so I didn’t expect any problems. Thanks for all your help. If there’s another instrument that needs crating, I know where to come.

I just want to say thanks for expediting the crate we requested on such short notice. Once again the service and quality are 2nd to none.
That was the best crate job I have ever seen. The crate never had a scratch on it. You were right about the skid and pushing it from the end….it was a thing of beauty.
Dammmmm! You do good work!!!
I just picked it up yesterday. all I can say is wow…….that was an amazing crate u guys built. Thanks so much for doing such a great job on the crate. The table arrived in perfect condition. I have bought tables from the states before and had them crated but ur crating job blows away other crates we had built…thanks again.

I just wanted to let you know that the crates you made worked out wonderfully in our move to California. Both stained glass and antique mirror arrived in one piece, thaks to the crates you made. Thanks for your great customer service and the work you did.
Bloody magic!!!!!!!!!!! Tom. The bike went straight through customs and MAF. You are a fantastic investment!!............makes life a lot easier on this end (New Zealand) with a pro crating it.
I just wanted to let you know that our machine fit like a glove onto the crate! Great job!
Mike really liked the crates, they looked great! Thanks again!

It (outboard motor to Canada) arrived with no problems at all. I think it was your crating that made the difference.
The bike arrived in great shape!!!!!! Brilliant job, well done!! Seeing you did such a great job on that one, here’s two more…