Our Customers

ACE Packaging & Cratings Customers

Our customers range from one-time users to longtime repeat users such as product manufacturers and re-sellers. A growing clientele are smaller local packaging and mailing businesses that occasionally receive requests to ship heavier items that previously they had to turn away. With the growth of eBay, both sellers and potential bidders now have an edge with a company such as ACE. Sellers can attract more bids if they appear willing to arrange for packaging and shipping. Potential buyers of area items can call ACE in advance to get an idea of packaging or crating costs. We can also arrange for shipping and provide that estimate too. We work with the customer to get the most attractive shipping arrangements possible.

The volume of out of state requests continues to grow every week. As a result of satisfied customers, we are highly recommended by pack and ship businesses across the country for customers in their area purchasing items in New England. A Colorado medical equipment re-seller found us and was so impressed by our same-day service that we’ve become their Massachusetts connection. We’ve had customers fly in from Georgia, and as far away as California, to make Boston area purchases and have us crate the items and arrange shipment. Who did a San Diego based computer manufacturer turn to when their very expensive non-functioning computer system at Raytheon had to be returned ASAP? ACE.

ACE is ready to meet your needs. Call 800-975-6642 for fastest service.